Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Great Expectations

R&R = Rockin' Reunions.

I spent 4 days, reuniting, reunion-ing, rejuvenating, recollecting, and remembering.

How can I put into words, the feeling of heaven as it briefly touched earth?  I believe when you are prayerful and prepare to open your heart, your ancestors will speak.  And if you are attuned, you will hear.

I am more aware than ever that I am a social recluse.  But I am also more aware of where those tendencies come from.  With gratitude, I appreciate the family I come from and the space they allow me.

I stand all amazed at my ancestors.  Amazed.  And then last night I heard a line in a movie portraying the Willie-Martin Handcart Company, that came as though spoken directly to me.....

"It will all be worth it if my posterity remains faithful."

My heritage has been handed to me on a silver platter.  I am not required to make the sacrifices of those who came before.  All they ask, is for me...for us....to remain faithful.  Shall we not go on in such a great cause?

And for one short weekend, I felt a bit of heaven.  I'll admit...waking to reality and the 21st century, with a broken air conditioner, a stack of bills, a list of appointments, a schedule, callings, emails, phone messages, responsibilities....my first thought wasn't about going on with this 'great cause'.  But, I do feel an extra motivation because I know I have a lot to live up to.

Sarah Frost Argyle, and Ida Mae Hogan Argyle, Thurza Tingey Adams, Joseph Edward Corbett, Louisa Gorringe Corbett, Josie Corbett Argyle, Ellen Taylor Holroyd Argyle, Helga N Hogan, Eric G.M. Hogan, Joseph Hogan, Sarah Ann Ellis Hogan, Jane Finch Argyle, Joseph Argyle, Fanny Burgess, Ben Holroyd Argyle, Thomas Tingey, Thurza Amelia Randall Tingey, John Quincy Adams, Alfred Randall....Budd Corbett and Faelela Adams Argyle and so many more...have GREAT EXPECTATIONS of me.  They believe in me.  I believe in them.

The Budd and Fae Argyle reunion...my grandparents...

The Joseph Edward Corbett and Louisa Gorringe Corbett Reunion.  Celebrating Joseph's and Louisa's 150th birthday.  Their daughter, Josephine (Josie), is my Great, Great Grandmother.  Josie's descendants wore orange. I thought the reunion in general was under-attended, but not for Josie.  She was represent'n!  There were several siblings who had no one there to represent for them.  
I've never wondered at my own posterity or considered what I expect of the generations who come from me.  And yet, everything my ancestors did...they did for their posterity, expecting greatness.

I enjoyed seeing the budding family genealogists, who were busy gathering and photographing.  I thank my cousin, Jennifer Dietrich for her enthusiasm, my Uncle Jim for his years of diligent archiving, my brother-in-law, Taylor, for his attention to detail and desire to learn of his wife's ancestry, my Mom for her passion and love for her ancestors.

Great Expectations....fulfilled.
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