Saturday, July 16, 2011

Malicious Mayhem

I moved in to the Retro House on February 8th of this year.  And since I've been here, the police have been called on my family and visitors to my home, no less then 10 times.

I have a neighbor who thinks he should call and report every time a car is parked the wrong way on the street or when he thinks any other perceived crime is being committed.

This is the very neighbor who professes to hate children.  Who is surrounded by an entire neighborhood of children.  Trampolines are noisy and dribbling a basketball is the end of the world!  Giggling and laughter is prohibited.  And I'm not even kidding.  Every single parent-of-a-child and owner-of-a-vehicle has had the police called on them at some point while living on this street.

The other night we had our flatbed trailer in our driveway as we were preparing for Girl's Camp.  Every few minutes a car would pull up and a girl would jump out and with her parents, they would load their gear into the trailer and leave. Total time = 30 minutes for the entire process.

Later that evening after we had already turned off the lights, put everything away and locked down for the night, a police man showed up on our doorstep.

Our neighbor had called the police and said that there was "malicious mayhem" going on at the house across the street from him and that it was 'increasing' by the moment and 'alarming'.

Loading the trailer for Girls Camp IS alarming, I suppose.


I wonder what our busy-body watch-dog thinks of us now!  We have 3 more children staying at our house!  Oh the maliciousness of it!  Oh the mayhem!!

We took the kids for a night on the town, to the newly opened carousel and shaved ice.

By the way, apparently no sooner had we finished our rides and loaded the kids into the car, a portion of  roof on the carousel collapsed, injuring someone.  Talk about mayhem.  And you better believe there were police involved.  Wonder if my neighbor sabotaged the carousel!!  I should call the cops and turn him in for malicious intent!!

Bring on the mayhem!!
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