Thursday, July 7, 2011

My message to you...oooo, oooo

Only about once a day now... I use Mr. Marley's song to cheer me up.  

My message:
You ought not spend your extracurricular time contemplating judgement on others.  You think you may understand or know someone's situation and find it alright to discuss other's plights amongst your circle of confidants.  Beware...appearances are deceiving and not only do you have no conception of the reality of someone's situation, you also have no authority, right or privilege to drag, defame or harm another's name by addressing or hashing out their issues with others.
You may even sit back in your own smug cloak of perfection and think that someone's suffering is something they deserve or that they've brought it upon themselves.  And because of are not Christ-like.
I've heard it said, What comes around, goes don't be so quick to judge. Your control will slip through your very unkind fingers someday.
I'm just sayin'.

Other than that....carry on my war torn friends.
Why in this world when we all are in need of friends, would anyone want to burn a bridge?

It makes me sad.
But "every little thing's gonna be alright."
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