Saturday, July 9, 2011


I wish everyone had the opportunity to see life from another perspective.

Today we hiked high above Zion National Park near the Northgate Peaks.  The views were stunning.  It was fascinating see the familiar domes, cliffs and peaks of Zion afar, from another point of view.  I really felt like from the higher vantage point and looking back, I gained a new appreciation for the creation, depths and heights that we take for granted from our more familiar view points.

I think life is a lot that way.

After our jaunt, we stopped at a nearby campground/viewpoint for a lunch break.  As we approached a fork in the road, we came upon several large tour busses, Park Rangers and several other back country emergency vehicles with lights flashing.  Standing around were pedestrians, many of them wearing pioneer clothing, embracing each other and crying.  I knew at once we'd come upon a Trek.

After navigating our vehicle through the small crowd and scene we inquired about what had happened to one man who was standing a ways off.  He said that a man on their Trek had just died of a heart attack.

We continued on, passing all the youth and their leaders....from the Las Vegas area who were already mourning and scared by what had just happened.

I immediately called up in my mind, the Trek I recently participated in.  For a split moment, I asked myself, "Why Lord?"  I couldn't help but think how devastating the news would be to his family and the members back home.  Why did this happen?

On the way back from lunch the emergency vehicles were finishing up their work and the youth and handcarts were parked in a meadow away from the scene.  I watched the youth as they embraced each other and their leaders and I felt the Spirit.  This would be a bonding, unforgettable experience for this little flock of our Savior.  I saw His sheep gathered around each other and knew that He was comforting them.  Who could ever imagine that such a tragedy and hardship could strengthen and uplift a group of people? I knew that these young saints would be forever changed and linked to those first pioneers who trekked and sacrificed all to reach a place where one day they would be thanked, honored and revered.  The spirit bore witness to their hearts of the love of those who came before and of a Savior who loves them even more.

That's perspective.  Seeing amidst the turmoil that there is another way to look at suffering.  I'm so blessed to have had a glimpse into eternal perspective today.

Take the time to look around from another point of view and find what perspective waits for you.
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