Friday, January 27, 2012

Taking Aim

I'm starting to feel the love of Valentines Day coming on.  I used be better about decorating the house up for this commercial holiday...for my girls. But in the last few years I've sort of lost the love for changing out holiday decor.

There are so many cute things on Pinterest though.  I get inspired.

So this year I'm aiming to make it Valentiney around here.

At least the front door.

The arrow idea was taken from Pinterest.  I decided I didn't want to chop at any of the already practically non-exsistent foliage in my yard and used bamboo rods that I use in my garden to make the arrows.

The wreath is just a ceiling medallion, spray painted bubblegum pink and touched with some metallic gold.

Hot glue the arrows on, tie on some old ribbon from the jar and you're good to go.

Good choice for the Retro House.

What project shall I take aim at next?
I think I better work on my Sunday School lesson.


Creations by Kara

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