Friday, January 25, 2013

What is Chinle?

Is it an upper Triassic continental geologic formation fluvial, lacustrine and palustrine to eolian deposit?  Is it Navajo for "flowing out"?  Is it a lovely hike in south Zion National Park?  It's all of the above.  But what does this mean to me?

Unique views of Kinesava Mt, Cougar Mountain, West Temple and much more.  Dramatic Huber Wash, subdued Scoggins Wash and the desert oasis of Coal Pits Wash. Fields of petrified trees and rainbow layers of clay.  Open sky, fresh air and plenty of both to go around.

Make it an in-and-out, a loop or just go and explore.  Either way, enjoy the 16+ miles of desert sun, preferably in the winter and not after rain. The clay trails turn slick and greasy with moisture and with sparse juniper shade, direct long hours of sun can be brutal.

Overall, I think I love Chinle...whether I know what it is or not.

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