Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Look What I Found

I asked my Mom and Dad to go explore with me today.  Based on some photos I found on the internet, we went on a hunt...for pictographs.  The Cave Valley Pictographs.

We found them.

These are my favorites, although there were some turquoise men that were pretty fantastic as well.

Notice that sometimes there are layers of pictographs...like the yellow one above overlapping the black on on the top-right.

This dude is famous.  And why wouldn't he be with those two dandy yellow flute players on his shoulder? It's hard to tell from this picture, but they are playing sweet music into his ear.
To give some reference to size, this man was about half my height. I envy his bobbles dangling on his ears.

Yellow man, about a foot tall.  Triangle bodies are a big indicator of the Cave Valley style of pictographs.

What a treasure.

And good thing I had my Mom and Dad along to fend of the mountain lions, should we run into any along the way.  Of course, a tiny pocket knife might not have been the best idea for predator protection. Thank you for being up for the exploration.

I've done some cave exploring in that valley before, but I must say, these are the best thing I've found there.
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