Friday, March 15, 2013

And so it goes...

One of our 'regular' clients at Desert Cliffs, is winding up a 6 week stay with us tomorrow.  Jeanette is a pleasure to hike with.  She works hard and is up for any challenge, including off trail exploration.  Put it this way...we can go anywhere and do anything with this gal.  That makes for FUN hikes...sometimes nerve wracking, but fun.

I lost count weeks ago, of sandstone ledges that collapsed, of sliding, falling and scrapes and war wounds we've collected over the last month and a half.  There have even been a few nail biting experiences, but nothing she can't do or get the rest of us through. Jeanette has hiked through every weather condition Dixie has to offer.  She has gone places other clients haven't seen.  And she's even witnessed my pitiful attempt at lifting weights.

Jeanette Visits Desert Cliff's from Cheryl Kanenwisher on Vimeo.

I'll miss her.

And so it goes...another client is gone.

At least I'm the one who gets to stay.

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