Saturday, May 11, 2013

What a Wonderful World

A lot of times while I'm hiking I hum or whistle.  One of the songs that comes to my mind when hiking Yant Flat is, "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong, minus the part about hearing babies cry...

This hike could be called, "What a Colorful World", or "What a Wonky, Freakish Sandstone World".

I'd been wanting to find this little gem of land for some months now and so Melanie, Leanne and I ventured out on an exploration.  No trails, just vague directions like; aim for that yellowish mountain over there, turn right at the cliff, scooch down the chute toward the dead tree, head out the northeast facing wash and so forth. Watch for snakes and disintegrating sandstone and repeat for 6.5 miles.

There was a rumor going around the hiking circles that someone had abandoned a horse out where we were.  It had survived the winter and no one had claimed it.  Research, phone calls and queries have gone out by several and yet the owners are a mystery.

We did find him.  He was very sweet and approached us. We packed snacks just in case we found him, so we're all besties now.  Everyone is scheming how they can get him home.  I have the feeling if you were to throw a rope or halter over his neck he'd be gone faster than you could blink.  I am a bit skittish around horses and if you knew my history with equine species, you'd understand why.  He came toward me, presumably looking for more snacks.  I kept my distance.  I'm okay with looking and not touching.

It is a wonderful world out there.  I know just how wonderful it is when I get to spend time out in it.

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